Project: Jack Morton: The Experience Journey
Client: Jack Morton
Music and Sound Design: Box Of Toys Audio

This short animation is the product of a collaboration between BXFTYS, Onesize and Jack Morton. It was designed for Jack Morton's Consumer Marketing and explains why human experience has now become the heart of social currency. It shows why brand experiences are fundamental to creating lasting connections between people and brands.

An animated and cheerful electro-acoustic approach was taken to the audio. We combined an unlikely set of instruments to create an original piece that compliments the colourful shapes and movements seen throughout. To achieve this we set out to record a 'kids orchestra' using instruments such as the violin, harmonica, accordian and glock - these recordings were then edited in line with a two chord sequence and constructed around the overall narrative of the piece. Sound design is presented in a vibrant manner to give life to each object that appears.

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