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What a rare guitar we have for you today. I really had no intentions of listing this guitar but...... It's a 1962 Danelectro Single Pickup Deluxe. This particular model with this color was only made in 1962 according to my research. It's the white Model with brown binding and Mahogany look small pickguard. Awesome Vintage Guitar.

It took awhile to figure out just what year it was made. I couldn't date it by the pots. They had obviously been changed out in 1974 so that was not clue. But besides the pots and the case, this guitar is all original. It still has the Uber rare Brown Mahogany Pickguard and the Waverly Open back Tuners. Original Pickup, bridge and knobs as well.

I didn't have a Dano case in my inventory to put with this one. I also can't ship this rare guitar without one, so I am including a newer almost new Hardshell Case that fits the guitar very well. I didn't have to do anything to this one but change strings and have it checked out for functionality. The original plastic side binding material is still in great shape except for a couple of places of wear-thru...The Headstock has yellowed nicely with the Original white finish, as well as the back of the neck. It plays great with awesome low action, and it sounds awesome with the original Danelectro Lipstick Pickup. You don't see many of these. You Dano guys out there know how rare this guitar is. Grab it while you still can. You will not be disappointed.

This one won't be around long, so if your looking for the best 1962 Danelectro Guitar for sale, give us a call 515-864-6136

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