An interpretation of the relationship of Peter and Wendy.
Written by two best friends.
Music By Jenni Fish
Lyrics By Justin Ray
Filmed in Tallin, Estonia Riga, Latvia (at the Baltic Sea) and Wissen, Germany

There's a place not many see, Just for you and me.

Once apon a time there was a boy
who had a hole in his heart he couldn't fill with toys
Dreams and adventure weren't enough
He needed love.
So he said

Chorus (peter)
Come with me to Neverland
and you'll never be lonely again.
From the stars in the sky to the shells in the sand
can all be yours if you just close you eyes
and take my hand

Once apon a time there was a litte girl
people made her promises from all over the world
time took its toll on her heart
so she looked to the sky for a brand new start.

Chorus (Wendy)
I promise I'll be good
and do all i can
Cross my heart and hope to die
I'll close my eyes and take your hand

P: Im tired of the fight and i want more than just a dream
please say you'll come and be all i need.
W: Be more than just words and open up your heart
let me love you for all that you are.
P:Trust me
W: I do, and love me
P: You too. With faith love and light, we'll fly, fly, fly
W: Faith, love and light.

Both Choruses in unison

There's a place not many see, Just for you and me.

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