"A Saudi cookbook is a rare treasure not found outside the Saudi borders."
Saudi food is a huge part of its culture. This is due to being a family oriented country where the members of the family gather around and share stories, laughter, experiences and wisdom in which food is a consistent essential in any gathering. From main meals to tea and coffee times to snacks, all these daily routines are chances for the
family to gather and have quality time. These moments became rituals in every Saudi house. They became part of the culture. The cookbook serves as a platform to connect Saudi culture with the rest of the world, starting with NYC, that shares those daily moments and welcomes the world to an authentic Saudi dining mat. What is special about Hijaz is that it is a melting pot. Its members are ex-merchants, ex-buyers, or ex-pilgrims who came from
around the world and settled in this region. So the Hijazi food is literally a melting pot, which consists of recipes from around the world. That is the beauty of Hijazi culture. That is the beauty of the Saudi culture.

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