Personal Reel from July 2013 with some work from Rhythm & Hues released in the Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters Trailers. Kolonie The Forgotten Empire by Christian Shellewald and Patrick Hanenberger and other personal work.

Song: Colony Collapse by Beats Antique

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (shots from Trailers - movie releases Aug 07 2013)

Bull Interior Shot - Textured the interior gears

Garburator Crushing the Boat - Full hero creature textures

Charybdis Interior Shot -- textures on the central creature at far end behind cast

Garburator Crush -- Full hero creature textures (diffuse, spec, bump, subsurface, biolumination, Mattes and sculpt adjustments)

Cannon Fire shots -- Full hero creature textures of garburator (creature in background) as well as the gun turret's textures

Barista Shot - Initial Textures of the Barista's many arms and Shirt

Chariot of Damnation Taxi - Tire Textures to allow comp to make the tires spin faster

Kolonie Assets: Game Engine Ready Assets
(created in Autodesk Maya and the Foundry's Mari)
Walker: model, texture, surfacing and lighting and render - concept by Patrick and Christian

Oil Tank: model, texture and surfacing, lighting and rendering

Telescope Case: model, texture, surfacing, lighting, render and composite, based on a real prop -- Maya, and Mari --

Ted: model, texture, surfacing, lighting, and rendering -- Maya, Zbrush and Mari -- original character illustrations by Tony DiTerlizzi

Magical Table: concept, model, textures, surfacing, and render -- photoshop and 3Ds Max --

Spellfall Dragon: model -- Zbrush -- original dragon concept by Todd Lockwood

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