This is the full movie, Zombie Mutant Ninjas III, my magnum opus of a film that I made for my college senior project in 2006. Looking back, I'm still really proud of making a feature-length film that people found genuinely fun and entertaining. A lot of cool people poured their hearts and souls into making this comedy-horror-dramedy-romance-action-thriller, and I thought it'd be cool to get it up on the web for all to enjoy forever.

Rating: R (violence, language, some sexually suggestive content, drug references)
Runtime: 1 hour 49 min.

From the DVD back cover:


Back with a vengeance, the zombie ninjas
have returned! Well, one of them at least,
and there’s, like, a clone version of another
one, and evil zombie professors and stuff.
The sequel that completes the epic trilogy
explodes onto the sliver screen with the
sound and fury that only a true action-horror-
dramedy-art house-splatterfest can deliver!
Will the evil college professors Smashin
(Jacob Maxfield) and Fox (Sarah Kanyok)
zombify the city of DeKalb, and then maybe
the world or something? ...Or will they be
defeated by the returning heroes from ZMN2,
Koal (Andrew Cherry) and Sakura (Colleen
Hegberg) along with the help of Koal’s skittish
younger brother, Clay (Kyle Romaneck)? And
what of the last surviving zombie ninja, Mitsu
(Colin Romaneck)? Will he do something cool?
There’s also some other zombies that do stuff too!
Featuring an all-local-bands soundtrack, with songs by
Inspector Owl, North Polio, The Metroids, The Velociraptors,
Spread Like Mild Fire, and many more!

Produced, Directed, Edited, & Animated by: Kyle Romaneck

Written by: Kyle Romaneck, Jacob Maxfield, & Sarah Kanyok

Starring: Jacob Maxfield, Sarah Kanyok, Andrew Cherry, Colleen Hegberg, Kyle Romaneck, & Colin Romaneck

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