Labourers is a short comedy in the style of a health and safety training video/old 16mm B movie. Expected some moderate laughs, and a lot of action and gore!

The Idea originally arose when the director (William Allum) was working as a labourer with two friends (Sean & Dale Ash). When they were not sweeping or lifting heavy materials, they would have long conversations on what they would do should a Zombie Apocalypse happen (usual building related topics I'm sure). Therefore the finished film is a rather exaggerated look into their personal phantasy's, experiences while at work, and people around them.

Initially a joke, the idea soon transformed into a real project when they realised it was something they couldn't let slip by. The director had planned to spend a month writing and planning the script and shoot. However due to scheduling conflicts this pre-production period was condensed to 2 weeks. Everything came together at the last minute, and the script was finished just barely the night before. With only two days to film, the rush was on. Working flat out for 12 hours the first day, and a further 6 hours the next day. Production was short/problematic to say the least. Luckily everything came together, on what was extremely fast paced and guerilla styled production.

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