436 Pick up your cross a real biblical understanding

SECTION 1: WHAT LEADS TO CARRYING THE CROSS? There is an order to scripture. So many people try to read the bible in pieces. Many people take one line of scripture out of context and make a whole flawed teaching. Many people in the church say pick up your cross. Most of them have no idea what the Jew from Nazareth, Israel meant when He said that. Section one will be an overview of Luke chapter 14. In subsequent sub sections we will break each area down so the words of Messiah can be understood in there Hebrew roots understanding.
SECTION 1B. HEALING A HEART THAT IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY. In this section we will discover Yehovah Raffa, the Lord who heals. We will be presented with a patient who is very sick with Congestive Heart failure (CHF) and see how the Lord heals him.
SECTION 1C: THE SHABBAT IS FOR RESCUING THOSE FROM THE PIT OF HELL. What happens if there is an emergence on Shabbat what do you do? What if you are having a heart attack do you stay home and not drive your car or call an ambulance because it is Shabbat? This next subsection will look at the abyss in this passage of Luke 14. It will add another step in our understanding of carry your cross.
SECTION 1D: NOT TAKING A SPECIAL SEAT AT THE TABLE BUT BEING GIVEN A SEAT AT THE TABLE. At a wedding much planning goes to who sits where. You can’t sit Uncle so and so with Aunt so and so. In business it is also the same. At the big company dinner the CEO does not sit at the same table as the mail room clerk. Will this be done in heaven? We will find out in this section of the message.
SECTION 1E: BLESSING THOSE WHO MAY NOT BE ABLE TO BLESS YOU BACK. Doing what is right in the eyes of God IS SO VERY DIFFICULT IF YOU GREW UP IN THE WORLD. It is also difficult if you don’t cross over mentally to the other side. There are blessing to having a certain type of party and it is not in the Moadeem, we will learn about the other parties that we need to have.
1F: A CHORUS EXCUSES: the invitation that were not accepted. Have you ever sent out invitations to a party and nobody came. We will learn in this section that it happened in the bible and it going on today. What implications to crossing over does it have. Will your excuse be accepted by the guidance councilor?
SECTION 2: THE CROSS THE HEBREW ROOTS UNDERSTANDING. Yeshua was speaking to a bunch of Jews when He said pick up your cross what does this very important statement mean biblically. From what I have read most people are truly clueless because they have no Hebrew roots. You can only grasp this information if and only if you have parts 1 through 1f comprehended.

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