An improvised audio-visual (interactive dance) performance by Joshua B. Mailman, employing the Fluxations interactive system developed by him and Sofia Paraskeva.
Movement around the stage (left vs. right and forward vs. backward) affects harmony and colors. Flex of the right wrist and body posture (upright vs. lowered) affect texture of the music and visuals. Flex of the left wrist affects rhythm of the music and visuals.
Recorded in Montreal in June 2012 at the conference of Improvisation Community and Social Practice (ICASP), hosted by McGill University.
Live algorithmic music and graphics designed and programmed by Joshua B. Mailman
Sensor gloves designed, built, and programmed by Sofia Paraskeva
Motion-capture interactive system developed by Joshua B. Mailman and Sofia Paraskeva
Video footage recorded by Stephanie Khoury
Other videos:

For partial documentation, see the following publication:

Mailman, Joshua B. "Improvising Synesthesia: Comprovisation of Generative Graphics and Music" Leonardo Electronic Almanac v.19/3, 2013, special issue on Live Visuals

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