Music by Julian Langdon (

Plastic Soup is a short film that expresses concerns about plastic waste pollution.

The score was built around the concept of recycling and so the music was made entirely from recycled plastic waste products found in the everyday bin.

Various instruments were constructed from plastic items in the rubbish/recycle bin, sampled, manipulated, and mapped across the keyboard to give a full range of sonorities.

A sticky tape drumkit mas made from a used roll of tape, a "StickyBass" was created from a wound piece of tape, organ-like sounds were created from blowing into empty bottles and manipulating the overtones, and a variety of percussion instruments were made from seemingly useless forks, lids, containers, tubs, straws, and of course, plastic bags.

Plastic Soup is the story of the relationship between a man and a plastic bag that stalks him through the suburban streets of Bondi, Australia. The man is blind to the plastic pollution in his environment and so the bag chases him to be noticed; to challenge the man to acknowledge it. Its a light-hearted tale about a serious global problem: plastic waste has harmful impact on our planet.

Writer/Director: Michelle Stone
Director of Photography: Jason Tutty
Editor: Cameron Davie
Sound Design/Mix: Keith Thomas

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