"Love of a Kind" - Original by Mark Jeffery Campayno
Produced and Performed at StudioRock of Northern Virginia
All Music is Original and Improvised on the spot with no prep

I felt the need to get this project started and finished in a short time. I have been desiring an acoustic piece for a while. Over the last year or so, a lot of discussion on looping has come up. Looping is a very interesting and engaging process. It can show many aspects of your musicianship.

This was a very simple looping process but it was nonetheless very effective. Looping is a tricky technique though as timing is very important. The lightest deviation from the underlying part is clear as the loop continues without any means of correction! One other thing, you should stick with a few loops at a time as once you get more than a few of them going the music gets very "busy."

I played in the G major/E minor orbit for the most part.Those related keys work well in terms of the sonic capabilities of the guitar giving you the ability to use harmonics and open strings. I could have gone all night with this as the looping process is very good for creating harmonies, executing rhythmic patterns, and creating multi-level melodic structures. I will surely experiment with this at a much higher level over the ensuing months.

This little ode to love is for you who search. A search that many times seems in vain. What is the a one of a kind love? How do you find it? How do you know when you have found it. Why are so many who seem to have found it unhappy? Yes, for me the "Love of a Kind" is a wish that seems so distant. Or did I miss it?'

As always, I appreciate your support, kindness, and dedication to music.


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