Prompted by Steve’s experience of running photographic workshops where I have witnessed so many photographers (beginners and experienced) who have been constrained by the so-called ‘rules’ of photography; under pressure to conform to a set of expectations that they should (or should not) be doing certain things. The purpose of this presentation is therefore to encourage photographic ‘anarchy’ – to urge all photographers to break the rules and ignore all the ‘should/should nots’. I will try to dispel what I refer to as the ‘myths of landscape photography’ (there are over a dozen in total) which include:
- Myth – ‘You should set out to take photographs that will sell/win competitions’;
- Myth – ‘You need to be in a great location to take a great landscape photograph’;
The webinar will be illustrated with a wide range of my landscape images – colour and B&W; wide vistas and close up details.

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