The New National Performance Centre for Sport is a significant investment which we hope would see national Sporting success for Scotland become an expectation, as opposed to a dream. In our view it demands a purpose-built, bespoke facility and sports grounds which are the manifestation of our national ambitions.

Camperdown is set in an uncommonly beautiful location; an expansive green parkland with a quiet and relaxed environment, but close to the city centre of Dundee. Our proposal sought to harness this natural beauty whilst recognising that by placing a building there, its character would inevitably change. The site and its approach are breathtaking, and it provided the stimulus for a design which works with the topography to create synergy between building and landscaped context.

The concept of the design is mainly about connection and observation. There are a number of complex relationships and requirements to a National Elite Sports facility and the building simplifies these to allow the various needs of Elite Performance and Coaching Development to co-exist easily with a wider community aspiration.

All parts of the building are visually connected. The central street runs adjacent to an open courtyard which separates the Elite Performance parts of the facility, but allows all parts to feel equally important. Observation is a key part of sport and sporting development and the design promotes a very high level of this, both internally and externally. It is important that such a significant national asset has an architectural language which is timeless. Its legacy in terms of sporting achievement will be felt in the generations to come; its design should remain as fresh and inspirational for longer.

Music: Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes (Allende remix)

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