Time is precious these days - more so than ever before. For this reason, I've decided to be a bit more innovative with my time and rather than spend hours to concept an idea and work through them (many hours), I've decided to find projects and elements that have already been created by truly creative individuals, and modify them or combine them for my purposes. I have purchased the elements and projects for this sequence from Videohive.net and Audiojungle.net. There is some original music created by Scott Spruill for the second and third animations.
This is a mixture of my own animation, downloaded elements and prefab projects combined and customized for Five Stones Church. This series of animations is used right before the service starts to provide both information and to get everyone to find a seat (the reason I call it the "cattle call").
The purpose of my posting this is to show an example of what can be done to add production value to a church's visual presence and to create a visually attractive way to communicate without having to hire a production house or a designer.
(*disclaimer* - I've been a postproduction editor/producer for the last 15yrs. and knowledge of After Effects and Photoshop - at a minimum is required to pull this off. I'm not advocating circumventing production houses or designers, my purpose is to show an alternative to churches/organizations that don't have a budget for things like this but do have people that have post or animation experience - like me. Professionally, I know it's kind of cheating, but I've never claimed to have created any of this from scratch, so it's less like cheating! :)

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