With the help of some innovative technology, the Johannesburg Zoo has been able to transform one of our very own animals into the zoo's official Social Media spokesanimal. We did this by creating a high-tech animal enclosure that enables the zoo's mascot, a resident honey badger named BG, to tweet about what he is doing and thinking throughout the day. Specially designed sensors inside BG's the Badger's enclosure pick up on his location and automatically trigger tweets from his Twitter account, in real-time Learn about the Joburg Zoo from a badger's point of view. Follow the World's First LIVE Tweeting Badger on Twitter @zootweetslive or #tweetingbadger.

Agency: Hellocomputer & Draftfcb Johannesburg
Director and Editor: Michael Kolbe (Blackenvelope Films)
Voice Artist: Tom Fairfoot
Sound Design: John Vichos (Freq'ncy Audio)
Technology Design: Johan Pieterse, Nathan O' Gates, Tom Van den Bon, Ben Fourie
Art Directors: Eras Gous, Moira-Gene Sephton Gous
Copywriters: Candice Hellens, Rory MacRobert
Executive Creative Director: Kerry Friend
Chief Creative Officer: Brett Morris

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