The beginning of the crisis is the end of the economic model based on carbon and oil.

Science and technology advance fast. However, millions of jobs in manufacture and services were eliminated because they operate in the old model that cannot support them.

We are living a revolution that links technology, communication and energy. To beat the crisis we need to live in this new paradigm, rely on innovation and create a knowledge society to organize the Third Industrial Revolution.

But who are these millions of jobs lost?.

We have
The workers whose technical abilities are now obsolete.

We have
The person with academic knowledge without a job.

We have
The entrepreneurs whose companies are in crisis.

No matter their background, they’re left behind because they operate in the old economic model. Our SOCIAL INNOVATION INCUBATOR performs through an educational path and is set in a revolutionary environment, it gives people a platform to innovate and find their job opportunities.

Let’s see how it works.
You have no job opportunities.
You enter the Social Innovation Incubator and start a learning path

01 The building responds to the context and inspires innovation.
02 You are introduced to advanced knowledge, tools and processes.
03 You practice test and perform innovator projects.
04 You connect to people in different levels and fields.
05 You are motivated to now generate or find jobs.
06 You come out to become a seed of innovation in the knowledge community.

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