A lesbian-themed reinterpretation of Maya Deren's 1943 psychodrama, filmed shot for shot.

Having written my Fine Art dissertation on the original, popular criticism of the film had begun to derange me. The focus of these interpretations was too often the film's elusive protagonist, which seemed to me, far-removed from Deren's intentions to depict a universal dreaming experience. Meshes' protagonist was never supposed to be Deren herself, or even, as popular criticism forgets, a blank avatar for the domestic female. The film is "concerned with the interior experiences of an individual", not the plight of one woman.

My (partial) remake was an attempt to demonstrate this popular misunderstanding. By replacing key symbols from the film (substituting a telephone for a dustpan, a single flower for two) I was able to recreate every shot from the original, but completely change the film's story and sentiment.

Directed by Edward Botwood
Starring Deia Tollman, Plum O'Keefe and Charles Kind
Featuring a combined soundtrack by Teiji Ito and Seamings
Shot on a Canon EOS 500D
Edited in Premier Elements

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