Teaching English in China
Eng Careers is a very unique and beneficial opportunity for English teachers looking for something new and different, and for those open to teaching in China. Eng Careers provides housing, visas, and airfare to these teachers. You will get a salary from the school that you work for, and with your housing covered, all you need to pay for is basic expenses like food and leisure. These are 1-2 year opportunities that are utilized by many teachers for a nice change of pace and a chance to experience a new culture. With China’s gigantic population of over a billion, they need a huge amount of English instructors. There is currently a lack of qualified English instructors in China. With the economic and cultural evolution currently going on, English is becoming a second native language. The huge amounts of students there need quality English teaching in order to keep up with the rest of the country. There are opportunities from preschool to college for intelligent and qualified English instructors. You have the chance to make a difference, and gain a new perspective on life.
TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The teachers going to China need to meet certain qualifications like degrees and native language. Eng Careers provides many services to their teachers. They have a number of cultural immersion classes available as well as 24/7 support. By paying a small fee for application and for Eng Careers researching and matching each teacher up with an appropriate school, you can get the opportunity of a lifetime to teach in a different and interesting country. They are specifically focused in China at the moment, so their expertise in the region is second to none. Although they plan on expanding to other nations of the world, right now they are content at being the best teacher recruitment service for China. Eng Careers is partnered with some of the best institutions in China and Hong Kong to find the perfect fit for each individual teacher that wants to go to China. Generally, your annual salary will be slightly lower than at a comparable job in the United States, but with your housing paid for and the chance to experience a new and diverse culture, it really does not have a big effect. Overall, if you are and English teacher who is open to teaching in a new culture, then Eng Careers can help match you up with the perfect teaching opportunity in China.


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