Bobby V's 2004 Ludacris collaboration "Pimpin' All Over The World" was a hip hop classic. If you've never seen that music video, you need to click here and educate yourself.

Don't get me wrong though, Bobby V hasn't just being resting on his laurels since then. No, he's been putting in work amassing a loyal battalion of fans in his hometown of Atlanta and beyond.

Now, he's graced The Crosby Press with his energetic presence to talk about the must-see ATL strip clubs, what the hell a Bobby V-Neck is, and how working in his father's garden was not the best gig in the world.

Bobby V's newest project Peach Moon drops later this year. Listen to the album's first single "Back To Love" here and follow Bobby V's Twitter here to stay up on new Peach Moon announcements.

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