I recently worked on a shot that I initially thought would be simple but it proved to be annoyingly problematic.
I worked on a number of approaches which where ultimately unsatisfactory but I thought where interesting from a geek perspective.The first clip was done before I started the job and I thought I could just swap out some
geo and cameras etc. It was done in XSI and rendered with Fury 2 beta. Didn't look good.

The second one was done in Naiad using the gas solver and advecting particles which I meshed
and prt'ed. Also didn't look good but showed potential for a different application maybe.

The third one also used Naiad. This time I tried to use two different densities. The moving emitter had
the density of air and the main tank, the density of water. After the main sim I culled the water partis
and meshed and prt'ed the air partis. Same again, not right for the shot but interesting.

I tried a few other approaches as well and finally used bits and pieces from everything to smoke and mirror
the thing. What ever doesn't kill you ...

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