Ok, so it's not really a musical more than it is a skit of sorts. A visit to RE2... The good times. Back when plot holes or bad moves were just plain funny, and didn't ruin an entire storyline like SOME current RE games... But anyway!

For those who don't know, 'John' is an RE character mentioned in RE1 and RE2. The only picture of him you ever see is in Adas inventory; A special photo item. He is Ada's old boyfriend who *lol spoiler alert Snape kills Dumbledor* she basically used to get inside info on Umbrella.

Don't get me wrong here, for some reason I like Ada, even though she is a sneaky little beyotch who toys with hearts and does anything to get what she needs. I think I like her for that soft side that says: "Hey! You know what? I'm gonna fall in love with this rookie guy over a span of 24 hours!" I love it. It's so awesomely awesome.

But I could never bring myself to get over the fact that in all the missions we see her on, she insists on using her whole real name. Don't spies usually try to like... not do that? And when Annette says she did a 'background check' on Ada, I imagined her finding something like a Myspace account of Ada's like LAWL hai, I'm Ada Wong and this is mah next mission!

So yeah, I don't mean to seem like I'm hatin' on Ada, cause she's ballin'.

RE5 on the other hand, can go to hell. But that's another story.

Visit the site that Annette found!

The 'Agencys' voice is created on this Emulator:

Annette's extra voice by: mjfan84

John's voice by: Leon14356

Sound clips are found on various websites.

Music from Resident Evil 2.

RE5 Suckery discussion/opinion here

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