‘SEETHrough’ is an interdisciplinary live art theatre piece, co-devised by Colin Kinchela, a Gomeroi man, & Gavin Walters, under the collective name SEAN JORVN. facebook.com/sean.jorvn

‘SEETHrough’ deals with themes of masculinity and masculine exchange across Blackfulla/Whitefulla cultures, pivoting around the shared experience of the shaving ritual. It consists of the fictionalised biographies of two men, one Blackfulla, one Whitefulla, following them from childhood to adulthood, and encapsulating their relationship with each other, their experiences of entering into manhood, the awakening of sexuality, travels in the world and return to Country, spiritual journeying, cosmology and belief systems, mental states, and physical manifestation of intimacy through the act of shaving and being shaved.

Sean Jorvn explore the idea of the Barber Shoppe as a sacred ‘men’s space’ where ‘men’s business’ is conducted, with portents of ideas of initiation into fully formed manhood through the locus of this space.

In September 2012, Sean Jorvn entered into an initial creative development of ‘SEETHrough’ for a three week residency at Performance Space. CarriageWorks, Sydney.

This document showcases extracts from the showing at the culmination of this residency. It includes interviews with Sean Jorvn and their collaborators.

Sean Jorvn acknowledges that this document was produced and filmed on Gadigal Land.

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