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A new Australian Feature Film releasing in 2014, ABDUCTED, is a science fiction drama written and directed by Brendan Glanville and Ashley White.

When an everyday mechanic, Liam, is found naked in the middle of a forest with no recollection as of how he came to be there, he is shocked to discover that he has been classified as a missing person for nearly twenty years. Forced to collaborate with a grieving psychologist, Rachel, and a reproached scientist, Edward, Liam must unravel the mystery of his non-existent past and forge a way back to the life he was taken from. A journey that forces all three strangers to venture to the very edge of what they believe to be real - and beyond.

Imté Entertainment presents an UP & atom Production
Vanished without a trace. Found without explanation.
ABDUCTED | The Movie - COMING 2014

Video Blog Credits
Cinematography by - Lennard Smith
Sound Recording by - Jessica Tindall
Editing by - Ashley White
Directed by - Brendan Glanville and Ashley White

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