Long, long ago, there was a chicken. Raised by the Kung Fu master, it finally inspired and saved the young apprentice in a weird way. With a simple mind and a spirit of vengeance, the young man has to find out his very destiny.

Darren Kwan - Producer
Khoa Vu - Director
Liam Yan - Director of Photography/Editor


Arthur Lam - Little Feather
Victor Fang - Dragon Fist
Daniel Joyce - Boyfriend
Erin Bell - Girlfriend
Lisha Zaki - Kung Fu Master
Jump Promprakob - Henchmen
Douglas Smix - Newspaper Reader


Reza Tabesh - Assistant Director
Mitchell Tong - Fight Choreographer
Andrew Raterman - Sound Recordist
Issac Kikawa - Final Mixing
Eugene Clewlow - Assistant Camera
Phiphi Dinh - Make Up Artist
Joseph Huynh - Production Assistant
Antoine Hurst - Production Assistant

Special Thanks to
Juanita Lara - Location Manager
Michael Bray - Location Manager
History Park of San Jose

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