One half of Drive-By Press, Joseph Velasquez, in part with John Hancock came to the University of Oklahoma to teach a two week workshop with Curtis Jones. During the workshop, the students were given lectures, demos, and they each carved out a big ol' block. At the end of the workshop, there was a steam roller event where, well, you guessed it, we had a steam roller come and print up our big blocks! Check out Drive-By Press at!

Thanks to Joseph Velasquez, John Hancock, and Curtis Jones for teaching the workshop, and thanks to all of the students who were in the workshop:
Ryan Harris
Derrick Adams
Jordan Velasquez
Teresa Cain
Jessi Wilson
Holland Larson
Lauren Thompson
Tracy ShiQiang
Courtney Hutchins-Logue
Case Simpson
Marhi Prekup
Sara Gonzales

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