Oxford Brookes University MA Architecture Project
Study of domestic settings in the Filmographies of Kubrick and Hitchcock informs the design of an apartment layout as well as room content in furniture and fixture. This apartment of cinematic origin becomes the appropriate setting for an archive dedicated to Kubrick and Hitchcock’s cinematic lighting. Upon user interaction a space that begins in darkness is introduced to fragments of light. Surrounding elements and context - walls, windows, floors in addition to form and materiality become known. As part of a larger sequence of lighting arrangement access and means of passage through an apartment space is revealed to the user. Restricted and controlled light in an environment dominated by darkness influences the user in both their movement and participation within the archive and ultimately appreciation of two distinct styles of cinematic lighting - Hitchcock’s theatre inspired and Kubrick’s film distinctly.

1:10 physical model, practical lighting
Production design, cinematography, directed and edited by David Morgan

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