The Cheese Snack character was originally designed in the 70s. It's had not been animated before. Director & buddy, Kalle Kotila came over with the idea to do this modern slash retro animation gag spot. So that's what we did with all kinds of phases in between :)

Director: Kalle Kotila
Production company: Woodpeckerfilm
Producer for Woodpercker: Jukka Valtanen

Animation production: Anima Boutique
Storyboard: Joonas Utti
Character design revision: Joonas Utti & Eliza Jäppinen
3D character animation: Luca Bruno
3D texture, lighting & rendering: Jani Kuronen
2D face animation: Joonas Utti
Compositing: Anttu Harlin

Sound: Tube at Humina
Music: Kalle knows this guy...who is he?...tell us and we'll update the credits.

Agency: Viherjuuri
Client: Taffel

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