Supersaturated with eyeball kicks and a non-mainstream aesthetic, psychedelic splatterpunk is one way to describe the underground films of low-budget auteur Charles Pinion. Consensus reality just gives up after a certain point and the nudity, madness, sacrilege and gore—lots of gore—spills all over the floor, slithers up your legs and eats your brain.

“Pinion’s imagination occasionally overreaches his limited budget, but the results are always impressive,” Shock Cinema’s Steve Pulchalski accurately pointed out in 1997.

Shooting on video, the frighteningly handsome director (and occasional actor in his own films) has called his work “the modern exploitation cinema,” otherwise known as “Pulp Video…where the narrative limits for sex, violence and depravity can be expanded and transcended…. Gruesome and prurient surface narratives combined with affordable reproduction techniques.”

As weird and disturbing as they are, Pinion’s movies are inclusive and fun: Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense, just try and keep up and all will be revealed. Script may always be subservient to pacing, mood and the inclusion of any sort of exploitation element, but there is a sense of purpose, a propulsive drive to his pictures.

Films in this series:

Dir. Charles Pinion, 1988
USA, 80 min.

Dir. Charles Pinion, 1993
USA, 69 min.

Dir. Charles Pinion, 1996
USA, 54 min.

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