Escaping Flatland is a large stainless steel sculpture, consisting of two units, 12 feet high and covering an area approximately 15 x 30 feet. The total weight (entirely stainless steel) is 8,400 pounds. Each unit consists of four plates, 2.5" thick.

Escaping Flatland is one of a series of sculptures by Edward Tufte, based on ideas in his books on information architecture. Escaping Flatland reacts wonderfully to changes in time of day, the season, and the surrounding landscape. As a consequence, the work always appears fresh and new and, at the same time, part of the natural world.

Escaping Flatland is hand-finished, surfaced by means of a double-action grinder. The multiple planes of the sculpture respond intensely to changes in light and changes in the observer's position. All kinds of beautiful painted color fields routinely appear, as the light reflected and refracted from the surface endlessly responds to the weather, season, and natural environment.

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