Video clip for "Uh-Oh!" from Isadar's 2008 vocal album "The Omega Point."

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There Are Ghosts In This Room
Sometimes They Let Me See Them.
Some Of Them Love Me,
And Some Of Them Hate Me --
But All Of Them Frighten Me

Just Like A Horror Movie
Or The Late Show On TV
Always Something Frightening
Suspense, Hits Me Like Lightning. . .

I'm Falling In Love,
I Don't Know What I Was Thinking Of!
I'm Falling In Love,
My Head Is Up In The Clouds Above. . .
(I'm Up In The Clouds Above)

When I'm Alone
I Can Hear Their Voices.
They Sing,
They Argue,
And They Talk To Me --
Ooh, I Wish They'd Leave Me Alone. . .



{REPEAT, ad lib.}


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