Smolyan is in the house!

Video - Ekzperimental Pictures
Music mixing and sound editing - RooSee
Organization - Sleepwalkingz Society

Battles, Workshops, Street Shows, DJ, Graffiti, Open Air JAM, Music, Party, Fresh Air...

RooSee - Sleepwalkingz
DaBreakOff - Troublemakers, Plovdiv Projekts

The Boss - Maddskillz, Balkan Mafia, Pop&Roll
Blackbird - Monstribe
Katya - Pop&Roll

Workshops (all free):
Locking - Kamisha - Sleepwalkingz, Pop&Roll
Hip Hop Basics - Yani - Pop&Roll
Boog-Style - Bobskee - Sleepwalkingz, Pop&Roll

Jose - Udarnata Grupa

Host and Beatbox
Samm The Man - Art From The Heart, Pop&Roll

Street shows:
YA Crew

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