I have been a little lazy taking pictures and updating any social media stuff as of late. went for a couple of months-hiatus from everything, it almost kinda worked out without a glitch until my accident last month.

i’ve always believed that things do happen for a reason, this i do think is true. exactly a week after i touched down here in manila, i received an e-mail congratulating me on winning the grand prize on the recently held samsung nx speed pass. the thing is, i’ve just arrived. i opted to pass out on an opportunity overseas because of priorities, and there i was getting another opportunity with an all-expense paid trip overseas. the silver lining on passing out on the previous opportunity, was me winning the contest. no buts, no ifs, just a solemn thank you prayer, because yes, i do need this as a confirmation that all is not lost.

my mind was a little scrambled when i arrived in seoul. i went to the airport around 9:00pm for the 1:00am manila-incheon flight. with a little to almost zero sleep, i dragged myself all through the airport in a jiffy just thinking about getting my sleepy head some sleep.

aside from an all-expense paid trip to korea, the grand prize also included the coveted samsung NX300 camera. it’s a mixture of oldschool aesthetics with the modern-day mechanisms that takes nearly as good as the mid-range dslrs currently out in the market. taking photos just got easier. don’t just take my word for it, try it. well, i’m sounding a little bit more like a commercial now so let’s veer off from marketing the product to what went on with the whole trip.

daily routine was to wake-up at 7:00am-ish, eat breakfast, go to tourist spots, take pictures, eat and live like what normal locals do. that little bit includes drinking alcohol after a very strenuous day. yes, the phrases “one-shot” and “gun bae” had been ringing in my ear the whole trip. they said that alcohol makes you funnier, smarter, and a better dancer. i beg to disagree, i saw the videos and it was the other was around. it was hilarious in a different sense.

i’ve been blessed to visit korea previously that’s why i didn’t had a hard time going in and about the place. everything was actually at par at first. but what made this trip well worth-it than the previous one, was that i met a couple of striking individuals from around the globe that made me look at everything in another perspective, their perspective. they said that there are always two side to a story, in this trip there were 15 different sides! every side is all different and special. the real prize was going around the city, meeting and interacting with the other contest winners. getting a free camera was just an icing on the cake. to the most ridiculously awesome contest winners, gun-bae!!! thank you samsung for this wonderful experience.

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