My unprepared public testimony after driving 2 hours to the CPS Reform Hearing on the Payne + Williams cases on short notice and without much sleep. I have sent impeachment papers to many state and federal agencies, including judicial conduct boards, filed criminal complaints with state and federal agencies, spoken with U.S. Judiciary Committee Members and a Pennsylvania state Representative, and attended all the trials for children murdered in foster "care" in Arizona only to see even more shocking injustices occur (including evidence of guilt and 3rd parties thrown off the record who picked up the children - that's right 3rd parties took the child somewhere, use your imagination on the CPS ring), and filed an Action For Declaratory ad Injunctive Relief (Reform) in the Arizona State Supreme Court (DENIED) which was filed as testimony into the U.S. House DHHS Committee Hearings on Child Welfare Reform .
I have been denied the right to file any papers + ignored and jeered at many times by the Pima County Clerk of Court, filed appeals which were denied + literally ignored, one after the judge assigned to the case was arrested for DUI; he returned the papers filed by mail promptly + his DUI was dropped immediately. Kelly who I believe is the spouse or of the juvenile judge who ordered travel throughout the U.S. while my child was heinously abused, raped, and traumatized.
Many many of those "coincidences" too many to be by accident, as threatened by the stockbroker, banker, Carlyle Group member member estranged sperm donor who voluntarily signed away his rights (then made a court order to abide).

This was the public hearings on Arizona CPS reform after the murder by the estranged father (given to him by CPS also against a court order) the Payne-Hallam Children (Ariana & Tyler Payne).
Pima County Program Manager bla bla bla bullshitting. Criminal trial revealed so much more which of course not all reported]

CPS Hearings Sept 25, 2007, ARIZONA HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, 48th Legislature First Regular Session, Special Meeting Agenda Committee on Government.
Members: Mr. Barnes, Mr. Farley, Mrs. Saradnik, Mr. Boone, Ms. Garcia, Mr. Paton, Vice-Chairman, Mr. Crandall, Mr. Nichols, Mr. Adams, Chairman, Mr. DeSimone.
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Overview and Timeline of Payne Case - Legislative Staff
4. Discussion of Timeline of Payne Case - Department of Economic Security, Division of Children, Youth and Families Lillian Downing, DCYF, Program Manager District II Janice Mickens, DCYF, Program Administrator Deputy Chief Kermit Miller, Tucson Police Department
5. Overview and Timeline of Williams Case - Legislative Staff
6. Discussion of Timeline of Williams Case - Department of Economic Security, Division of Children, Youth and Families Lillian Downing, DCYF, Program Manager District II Janice Mickens, DCYF, Program Administrator
7. Ken Deibert, DCYF Deputy Director
8. Tracy Wareing, DES Director
9. Public Testimony on Payne and Williams cases only
10. Adjournment
09/25/2007 - House Government 09/25/07 Video 04 hr. 58 min.

Mom's suit claims CPS and police responsible for deaths of her children.
More than anyone, though, it is the interview I didn't get that stays with me; the soft-spoken woman who managed the storage business where Ariana's body was found. The manager had called police after smelling a foul odor. Turns out the little girl was badly decomposed. Despite the trauma of the horrific discovery, the manager put up with the flurry of news crews covering a scorching hot story. To my knowledge, she declined all interviews. We spoke off camera a few times. Her words hesitant in coming. Her reluctance no doubt buttressed by the request of police--and orders from a boss - not to speak with the media.
Still, I felt there was more going on. The manager clearly seemed affected, haunted even, by thoughts of what had happened to a little girl and boy she never knew. Later, she shared something with me that confirmed what I had felt. I'll keep that between her and I.


One must still wonder about the little Trujillo boy found very near the storage locker whose "parents had to be notified"; the story then disappeared. Traumatic brain injuries.

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