Go skateboarding day on 23 june 2013 in bangkok(officially skateboarding day was on 21 june).This day is celebrating day for all of skaters around the world.They have like a big meeting for skateboarding together in each town all around the world.
In this year 2013 in Bangkok,We started skating from Lommanee park to Sao Chingcha then democracy monument bangkok and end up by pushing cross Rama8 bridge to the event of skateboarding day by Vans under the Rama8 bridge.
Event description
-Skate jam
-Best trick contest 20,000 baht
and Longest kickflip 100,000 baht

Team video production
-Olarn Posuwan (videographer1 and editor)
-Siriwat Chansuwan (Videographer 2)
-Pachara (Videographer 3)
-Bank Vijaifoon(Helicam shot)
-NuthArin Khunjantrathip(Assistant of videographer)

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