Following the philosophy of Waku Doki, the japanese term for "the pleasant anticipation and adrenalin rush", Toyota's new car RAV4 crossover USV is all about excitement and amazement with its intelligent technology and vibrant car design.
Targeting the young and urban market, director Matthias Zentner created a dynamic, adrenaline driven movie, brought to life by the powerful sounds of dubstep. An audiovisual presentation giving proper credit to this amazing machine and capturing the perfect Waku Doki moment. Waku Doki delivers fast twists and unforeseen plots, the black space provokes a thrill of anticipation.
Motion-design, in combination with real projection and 3d mapping, opens the space to excitement, a rush of endorphins.
The rapid, echoing heartbeat, like in a surreal and abstract dream, utters the question: Wo are you? 

When life challenges you, you become the leading actor:
In exhilaration and excitement we are transported, teleported and awoken by the composed, visual metaphors. The stage turns into a stunning, narrative world inside a dark limbo, with the car triggering an effect of a psychological interaction between the protagonists.
They are lovers and rivals in the rhythm of life, caught between their longing and refined romance.
When life challenges you, everything beats in your rhythm:
Guided by obsession and the positive addiction of the Waku Doki sensation, innovation is in unison with the temptation to challenge ourselves.
Just one moment of excitement is enough to realize that life is incredibly captivating, a reflection of yourself in the most honest way. 

With RAV4 there are no ties, no boundaries and no limits, just smart independence.
Be daring!

CREDITS: Client: Toyota, Mexico; Agency: Ferrer, Mexico; Production Company: ACA Films Mexico; Executive Producer: David Chipon, Elda Bravo; Director: Matthias Zentner; DOP: Stefan von Borbely; 2nd Camera Operator: Mau Guerrero; Art Director: Sergio Guerrero; Motion Design and Art Direction: Daniel Schmidt, Thomas Wernbacher; Post: Velvet Mediendesign, Munich; VFX Supervisor: Urs Franzen; Editor: jochen kraus; Post Producer: Oliver Loessl; Flame Artist: Sylvie Roessler

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