Performed Sunday 2nd June 6.30 for 7 until 10pm
Produced by Spork
Part of the Spork Food Monthly
Food by Karen Byrne and Tom Hopkinson
Photography by Aileen Harvey
Participants were Isambard Poulson, Helena Trebar, Jonny Rogerson, Lily Wolff, Veronique Chance, Andrew Hladky, Julien Pike, Jolyon Gardner, Evy Jokhova and Tania Salem.

Reflection on Digestion: A Performance Dinner continues the themes of reflection and digestion which consider how we cognitively and bodily process knowledge and experience.

The introduction to the performance dinner began like this;

On this evening, the feast day of Saint Erasmus, the patron saint of the guts, we will be exploring how we cognitively and bodily digest knowledge and experience. Eating gastronomic dishes beautifully and lovingly prepared with the ingredients originating from offal of the digestive system, we will together literally and metaphorically ruminate on ingestion, digestion, and embodied ways of knowing. Borrowing the words of David Hillman in his Shakespeare’s Entrails, we will explore 'knowledge experienced in as well as knowledge of the interior of the body.’

As we eat, will be practicing a kind of mindfulness eating, which means, we will not be talking or communicating with anyone else, simply reflecting on what we are eating and how we are eating it: observing through all of our senses, the food that is to be served, and finally chewing, swallowing, and following it further down through the alimentary canal, if we can. At the same time, I will be offering you a collage of thoughts, texts, voices, and images on the subject of the specific organs of digestion, the process of digestion itself, and embodied knowledge, for you to ruminate on whilst eating.

Thanks so much to Jackie Vitale, Tom Hopkinson, Karen Bryne, Emily Pavlatou, Helena Trebar, Aileen Harvey and all who attended and supported the event.

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