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This is one of most wanted immersive excitement nightclub party of the biggest box office concert tour event at Live at the Pavilion Gymnasium on campus at UCSB (University of California Santa Barbara) College School in Santa Barbara, CA (California), USA United States in Santa Barbara County as
“Mr. Jeffrey Sunny Baek’s after final show last comeback concert tour of last MJ’s tribute release show party at the dance party where everyone is surrounded in circle and watched Him perform and everyone loves Jeffrey Baek and screaming crazy out loud like maniac and cheering up for Jeffrey’s last tour at
UCSB for He promised to comeback to join Milal Agape Camp one more time for his final phenomenon world southern California local concert live tour at the Dance Party as this video was filmed since:
“June 28, 2013, Friday” after all Milal joined took a bonus all the way to UCSB in Santa Barbara from Buena Park since June 27 and nighttime everyone in the worldwide fans awaited to see his last concert to perform of Jeffrey’s legacy and his estate and relive Michael Joseph Jackson’s Sony Popular Musical Legacy for his estate company played by the DJ at live performances at playing at first time music by:
“Michael Jackson’s Music by voice he singing on stereo by his musical recording when MJ was alive he sang in the studio and now in the mix tribute in 3 Hit single Michael’s pop best songs records included:
“Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson (Recorded 1982) (From album titled: “Thriller”)
Also Billie Jean ending mixed remixed mash up design by: Kevin Antunes for Cirque du Soleil for making “Immortal” version since 2011 for best Moonwalk as voice by recording by original recording live by audiences MJ’s big fans crowed shouted saying: “MICHAEL!!!” repeated edited sound
“Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson (Recorded 1987/1988) (From album titled: “Bad”)
“Thriller” by Michael Jackson (Recorded 1982/1983) (From album titled: “Thriller”)
Special Thanks to Milal Staff included:
Director/Teacher Mrs. Sarah Lee
All Milal Volunteers
Mr. John Lee
Pastor Euigoo Kim (The ANC Church Pastor) (from L.A. County Staff)
And all the worldwide fans for all the supportive for Jeffrey’s last MJ’s musical legacy career to begin to relive this music-magic of this best event adventure to completed to the end journey in 2013.
latimes.com Los Angeles Times
nytimes.com New York Times
bbc.co.uk British Broadcast News Television
Michael Jackson’s songs: (include: “Billie Jean”, “Smooth Criminal” and “Thriller”)
Are available on ITUNES itunes.com, AMAZON amazon.com, to buy to download these songs in anytime and/or FEEL FREE to listen to music on SPOTIFY spotify.com
Influenced by: TICKETMASTER @ ticketmaster.com An Immersive Expensive Concert Show
Followed by: MJ N JB: The Last Concert Tribute Legacy 2013” will be uploaded this week July to be announced til July 8th 2013 only on Vimeo to be released with tribute fanmade mixed by first original MJ’s concert tour through Last 2013 tribute MJ and MJJB tour” and final full length will be more surprise for this video will be more added up hologram of spirit MJ to relive for the movie: MJJB Michael Jackson and Jeffrey Baek’s For All Time is coming on Vimeo.com in early September 2013.
Also get to see the show new secondary cirque du soleil as “Michael Jackson: ONE” live at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, US for your chance to get ticket to go see it also. For more info at
Enjoy this tribute!
Editor/Director: “Jeffrey Sunny Baek”

©Copyright2013 Jeffrey Baek Broadcast Co. MJJ Fanmade Concert Live Tour, Santa Barbara County® Dance Party Productions Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law. ™
Best Broadcast Expensive Video Live Professional Fame Movie Magic Inc.(P)
Also "Santa Barbara County California reminds of MJ Michael Jackson's his own new home on his hometown that he ever lived was at "Neverland Ranch" as award gift visited to MJ with "Whitney Huston" since April 1989 and even with Macaulay Culkin in 1990 and even 1993 where Oprah Winfrey visited to MJ's home to meet MJ ago.
As UCSB is same located area in Santa Barbara where Neverland Ranch home was located in same county in same exact Santa Barbara California ever it was. Bring Back Memory.

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