“Julian” is a short fantasy film set in post WW1 Europe and revolves around an orphan named Eloise whose escapist passion for playing the violin leads her to a peculiar inventor named Julian. Julian offers Eloise the chance to become the architect of her very own world. However it might not be so easy tumbling down the rabbit hole of wonder without any padding.

• Julian - Best Tertiary Drama 10-30 minutes
• Julian - Most Original Script Award for Tom Noakes
• Julian - Most Popular Film Award
• Julian - Best Overall Film Award
• Julian - Most Outstanding Cinematography Award for Jan Keilland
• Julian - Production Design Award for David Rusanow

• Julian - 3rd Sapporo Internation Short Film Festival
Japan 2008
• Julian - Byron Bay Film Festival 2008
February 2008 (Film Festival)
Nominated for Best Young Film maker
• Julian - Tirana International Film Festival
December 2007 (Film Festival)
Eastern Europe PREMIERE
• Julian - Canberra Short Film Festival
Canberra, Australia
November 2007 (Film Festival)
• Julian - Queensland New Film Makers Awards
Best Overall Film, Best Screenplay, Best Tertiary Drama, Production Design Award, Most Outstanding Cinematography, Most Popular Film
Brisbane, Australia
November 2007 (Film Festival)
Australia/Pacific PREMIERE

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