In a small alpine village, a young hunter, Milan, is about to wed the most sought after peasant girl of the village, Ana. Only on the day of their betrothal feast a mysterious, wealthy Venetian travels into the village where he woos Ana away from Milan. In an attempt to win her back Milan goes in search of the mythical treasure atop Mt. Triglav guarded by the bock with the golden horns, Zlatorog, where the two ultimately meet in a final showdown.

Part I follows Milan and Ana at their betrothal celebration through the Venetian's entrance and Ana's flight from Milan.

Milan & Zlatorog is based on the Yugoslavian folktale more commonly known as “The Goldenhorn” about a Slovenijen hunter who ascends Triglav to slay a mythical bock and gain access to his guarded treasures resulting in the destruction and disappearance of his village. The proposed interpretation of this tale is expected to run as a 15 minute silent (Flash) animated short. The design and style of the piece has been greatly inspired by the work of Ward Kimball as seen in the Tomorrowland episodes of the Disneyland television show with its limited animation and acute sense of style, and the art direction of Suzie Templeton's 2006 Oscar winning short Prokofiev's Peter & the Wolf. It is directed toward an adult demographic given the darker and less light hearted themes of jilted love, death, and guilt.

The film took 3 months to develop, where I created all of the characters, backgrounds, and props, on top of writing, storyboarding and building the puppets in Flash.
The animation took roughly 14 months to complete, not continuously. As a result certain scenes were reworked months after initial completion and some were cut entirely after full completion. It's been a long running labor of love.

The music used in Part I comes from Balkan singer/songwriter Dorde Balasevic, 'Balkanski Tango (Balkan Tango)'
© 2000 Hard Rock Shop

Pre-Production work has begun on Part II, with writing complete, more assets built, and storyboards begun.

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