This is my Final Project for graduation, i made a promotional video about the culture of Nias island.

FYI Nias is an tropical island near Medan, North Sumatra. Nias has a very wonderful beauty of nature,
and the more amazing part is their culture that withstand the flow of time from megalithic era 12.000 years ago.
And 'Bawomataluo' which means "the hill of the sun" in native language, is a traditional village that has been listed to one of World Heritage from Indonesia by UNESCO.
There is so much excitement you can never find in another place, especially their main culture attraction
"Hombo Batu",which is originally their method to test their warrior before join march in a war.
Nias Warrior must jump over a 6 feet stone block to accomplish this test.

Well, I think thats enough for the chit chat. So please watch and enjoy !

I'll never get to finish this video without some help and support from all people around me, especially
My Project Adviser : Anny Valentina, Erwin Alfian, & Rangga Kioe
My Travel Companion : Februando Lukman
Humanists of Bawomataluo : Hikayat Manao, Imran Manao, & Bang Iman
Team from nias-bangkit.com : Mr. Donny Iswandono & Reny Mutiasari
Source of Information : Barry Kusuma & Ricky Thio
Voice Over Artist : Dody Setiawan

Thanks for my family, my friends, and all people who always supporting me.
And finally thanks to God for create this wonderful world.

BGM Copyright to
Ost. District 9 - Main Theme by Clinton Shorter
Ost. Blood Diamond - London & Solomon Vandy by James Newton Howard
The Way by Zack Hemsey

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