Social Potentials Of Creative Thinking: this project aims to identify evidence of how children infuse meaning through drawing and determine how effective drawing can be as a mode of conversation or problem solving tool for individuals and groups.

There are distinct parallels between creative play and the act of drawing, both activities transport the mind from one reality to another; from the concrete environment to a more liberated or suggestible world. Difference lies in the capacity of drawing to visualize creative thinking as it takes place. Used as a means to establish the context and progression of ideas and drawing can record not only discrete incidents of creativity but perhaps more significantly, visualize a child’s negotiation of their wider psychological world - a powerful tool to reflect and learn.

The traversing of real and imaginary worlds is of key importance to the success of the workshops, the fluidity of movement between modes of thought encourages the most responsive creative thinking. Taking place with children at key stages across artistic development; from pre-reflexive, schematic and representational, thoughts and ideas can be examined that are spontaneous and gestural as well as more cognisant articulations of events and consequences.

Further Information:

The project will soon be extended as the film footage is further edited - the film displayed in this website is simply an overview of what took place. In a move similar to Nelson's 'Narratives from the Crib' more focussed footage will be sent out to a number of academics to be analysed across disciplines. The purpose of this will be to determine the potential of this method as a conversational, problem solving tool. Papers arising from this will hopefully become a part of a symposium entitled: 'Social Potentials of Drawing'. Potential fields of thought are:

Semiology - the relationship between image and word.

Social Sciences - the alteration of an individuals style and narrative when
introduced to group dynamic.

Anthropology - the impact/intrusion of cultural reference on imagination.

Psychology - the relationship between drawing and child development.

Drama - ways in which drawing can significantly contribute in
improvised theatre.

Drawing - how drawing can be fully realised as a thinking tool in
Pedagogy both education and in arts practice.

Drawing Practice - the impact of drawing as installation and/or performance fields

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