The universal win of MRS. UNIVERSE-PHILIPPINES 2010, CIVIL ENGINEER, MARIA MURIEL "LALA" MORAL-PANDI, is REMARKABLE to the Philippines and to the world for she made a universal record, history, and distinction as the 1st Filipina, the 1st Asian, and the 1st beauty queen/woman of our entire Planet, who won and was crowned the first-ever-awarded Intelligence Title in the Universe, the MRS. UNIVERSE-INTELLIGENCE.

This is NOTEWORTHY for there is NO any major, international and global beauty contest or competition (and pageant) in history in our Planet that has awarded an INTELLIGENCE TITLE yet (there is NONE in Miss Universe, Miss & Mrs. Galaxy, Miss & Mrs. Earth, Miss & Mrs. Globe, Miss & Mrs. World, Miss & Mrs. Intercontinental, nor Miss & Mrs. International, etc. The international-global awards given are always Miss & Mrs. Photogenic; Friendship, Amity, or Congeniality; Talent, and Best in National Costume or Dress, in Evening/Long Gown, and in Swimsuit).

It’s the very first time in the UNIVERSE that an INTELLIGENCE TITLE was awarded and crowned (to a Filipino woman, to ENGR. LALA) by the MRS. UNIVERSE PAGEANT & FORUM (dubbed "The Mother of All Pageants") on August 21, 2010 in Lithuania (in Europe).

Indeed, INTELLIGENCE is VERY SIGNIFICANT for it is one of the 2 MOST IMPORTANT CRITERIA (the other one is physical beauty) in any MAJOR, GLOBAL beauty-and-brains competition in our Planet. Truly, INTELLIGENCE and beauty complement each other.

Annual, MAJOR beauty contests and pageants (which are social events & stage shows for raising funds) exist for they have noble and worthy, social, charitable, philanthropic, humanitarian, environmental, cultural and tourism purposes and causes, advocacies and objectives, activities and projects that are GLOBALLY SIGNIFICANT and RELEVANT, HELPING MANKIND (UPLIFTING HUMAN LIVES & WELFARE) and HELPING OUR PLANET to be A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN (through our Miss/single and Mrs./married beauty queens and title holders). That's the PROFOUND, REAL MEANING and ESSENCE of beauty pageants and beauty queens.

Engr. Muriel Moral-Pandi is both a Miss Philippines and a Mrs. Philippines queen and title holder (Binibining Pilipinas-Maja International 1988 and Mrs. Universe-Philippines 2010). She is a licensed civil engineer by profession, a businesswoman, and a global, multi-award-winning beauty queen (Miss Maja-Simpatica and Best in National Costume global awards winner at the 1988 MISS MAJA INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT, the worldwide, Hispanic-inspired beauty competition held in Puerto Rico; and the first-ever Mrs. Universe-Intelligence title & award winner).

With these NOTABLE, universal achievements, ENGR. MURIEL MORAL-PANDI is A NATIONAL PRIDE OF THE PHILIPPINES AND FILIPINOS for she also brought and gave international and global prestige and honors to the Philippines in the UNIVERSAL EVENT AND SCENE.

(NOTE: The English word 'Intelligence' is spelled as 'Intelegence' in Lithuanian language as seen on the title sash of Engr. Lala. Mrs. Universe-Intelligence, Mrs. Intelligence-Universe, Mrs. Intelligence, and Mrs. Intelligent are just one and the same title & award.)

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