GOLF! Need I say more? Such a great game. Being outdoors is amazing and it's such a challenging sport. I don't get to play it as often as I would like, (who does?) but when I get a chance to get out there it's a blast. I love the mental aspect of the game and the need to stay focused constantly. I also really enjoy hanging out with friends and sharing in those moments together.

I love my job as a staff pastor and service program director at Palm Valley Church. I feel so blessed to serve along side of the people I do and serve God in the capacity that I do. Lately I have been having a blast taking and editing video with my DSLR. I love to explore that creative side of who I am and I love to create meaningful stories and capture great moments. So I was inspired by Mr. Grant Peelle to create 30 videos in 30 days ( My goal is to become a better story teller and force myself to really think through various techniques and pre-production process. With each video I will share the general theme I was after or what inspired me along with a few other notes I see fit to share.

It was very cool to be able to get out on the golf course for day 2. I usually would never even try and film while playing a round so that posed a bit of a challenge right off the bat. Surprisingly my golf game was consistently bad as usual (maybe not a surprise). So playing and filming was a bit of a challenge. After having filmed and edited the video I have so many other ideas that I would love to incorporate into the next "golf" focused film.

There wasn't a real storyline with this one, but rather just a series of shots strung together. I really want to improve here, because I want others to be compelled to continue to watch. I was excited to be able to use my go pro, although I wasn't able to squeeze a lot of the shots into the final video.

Once again, I got stuck in the moment just shooting candid stuff. A little too run and gun for my liking. It seems to be just a little to "raw" for my liking and not shots that are thought through enough and polished for what I would consider great work.

Regardless I had fun both shooting video and playing golf. And am learning the more I do this the more I learn and want to do differently/better!

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