Original oil painting on canvas by Ilaeva Alina
"Your life on me will become deafeningly silent..."

Material: Canvas on the wood stretcher
Medium: Oil
Features: Not framed
Art Height: 100 cm
Art Width: 100 cm
Date: June, 2013


"Ancient Martian Temple" Original oil painting on canvas by Ilaeva Alina

This oil painting is inspired by martian stories of great writer Ray Bradbury.
Read this part of The Martian Chronicles and feel... :)

"They walked forward on a tiled avenue. They were all whispering now, for it was like entering a vast open library or a mausoleum in which the wind lived and over which the stars shone. The captain spoke quietly. He wondered where the people had gone, and what they had been, and who their kings were, and how they had died. And he wondered, quietly aloud, how they had built this city to last the ages through, and had they ever come to Earth? Were they ancestors of Earth Men ten thousand years removed? And had they loved and hated similar loves and hates, and done similar silly things when silly things were done? Nobody moved. The moons held and froze them; the wind beat slowly around them.
"Lord Byron," said Jeff Spender."

So here on this painting I tried to make myself feel something ancient, something strange and far, gloomy and wonderful...

When I use this colors I can feel smell, I can hear sound and I can see light of Mars.

Feel it with me...


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