In a new season of the series Austin & Ally! Disney Channel call us for develop the entirely production of a 3 promo-pack of 40 sec promos for the launch of the new chapters. The concept was show the tranformation of an idea into a song to finally publish it on the web and get a million hits!. Three stories told with: frame by frame animations, integrated footage with 3D backgrounds, live-action footage with moving graphics integretad and particular doodles illustrated with our unique style. Hope you enjoy and have fun with this pieces!

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Produced for Disney Channel Latam. / Client: Disney Channel Latam.

Concept: Disney Channel Latam.
Art & Motion direction: Ignacio Sandoval
Production: Eugenia Garcia Montaldo

Desginer & Illustrations: Augusto Gabrys
Design Assistance: Martiniano Garcia Cornejo
3d artist (modeling, cameras, rendering, animation): Martiniano Garcia Cornejo, Augusto Gabrys
Backgrounds deisng: Martiniano Garcia Cornejo, Augusto Gabrys, Ignacio Sandoval
Chroma Key: Martiniano Garcia Cornejo

2d animator: Augusto Gabrys
Compositor, Animation & Post Effects: Martiniano Garcia Cornejo

At Disney Latam.

Producer: Erick Crespo
Sound Effects provided by Disney Channel Latam.


All rights reserved © HIppieHouse 2006-2013

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