, Cosmetic dentist Barry Brace DMD in St. Louis, MO has been placing dental implants for around 30 years. Dr. Brace gives seminars to other dentists on the side who are interested in providing dental implants to their patients who are missing teeth. Dr. Brace recommends if a patient has a missing tooth, don't ever think it is too late! In fact, the longer you wait, the more problems you will experience. Dental implants keep surrounding teeth from drifting, they can anchor in bridges, partials, and dentures so they function 1000% better than they did previously, etc...Many patients are amazed at the options and how dental implants can improve their quality of life.

Studies show people who retain their teeth tend to live about 10 years longer than people who have lost a lot of teeth. You don't have the same chewing forces with dentures for example so a lot of elderly people with dentures start eating soft foods and their nutrition levels drop so much they end up not living as long as they could have nor do they have the quality of life they would have wanted. Dental implants can restore your chewing forces to that of natural teeth! Therefore, you will be able to eat all the wonderful foods you did when you were a kid. So bite into an apple a day and live life to the fullest! Dental Implants can help.

Many factors have led to dental implants becoming the #1 choice for fixing missing teeth. "It is important to place implants as soon as possible after a tooth is extracted. Most of the bone loss occurs in the first 6 months after you have a tooth removed. Once your bone is gone, it is very expensive and difficult to get it back. Therefore, the optimal time to replace a missing tooth is immediately!"

Call 314-332-1307 for more information. Dr. Brace and his friendly staff can help you have the smile of your dreams.

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