Jackaz's Minecraft Gift Code Generator v1.1
Release Date: October 2012
Status: Works (April2014)

Firstly download latest version from giftcodesminecraftfree.webs.com


1. Open DATA folder then account_details.txt and fill it with your Minecraft login details.

2. Open your Minecraft folder

It can be a bit tricky to find minecraft folder. Here's an easy way to get to it:
a. Launch Minecraft.
b. Select "Mods and Texture Packs"
c. Select "Open Texture Pack folder"
d. Go up one level

3. Now copy all files you have downloaded below to your Minecraft folder:

- BIN folder
- DATA folder
- generate.dll
- multiplayer.dll
- mc_launcher.exe
- Jackazs_mc_gift_code_gen_v1.1.exe

4. Run Jackazs_mc_gift_code_gen_v1.1.exe and click "Generate"
(It will generate a code for upgrading your own account into premium)

5. Go to minecraft.net/user/redeem and use this code to upgrade your account

6. Now run Minecraft game and login your account.

7. Enjoy!

Note: Please use it only if you really need it!

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