Video by Kauê Bitencourt.

Song by Rodleen Getsic.

Produced by Dave Aron.

Thanks to Rafael Rangel & Tony Correa.

Lyrics below.

Attention. Attention. It's time to revolt.
Wake up America. Before we all choke.

Shaking in their boots, self pitiful society's gone shitless.
Weak mother fucks upon who the system pisses.
Ignorant, they have no clue.
They have technological visions that tell them what to do.
As a whole this world's going down.
Pollution, brainwash, death fills the towns.
Don't just sit there like a mute, dying freak.
Romans not God said the Earth will be inherited by the meek.
So bang, bang.
We need more than a cupid.
Drop your guns weaklings.
Shout out. Don't be stupid.
More than a revolution.
More than a war is what we need.
Break down all constitution.
Like an eggshell, take heed.
Carcasses of death eaten by fools.
For money and power false teachings in all schools.
Helicopter invasion on harmless weeds.
What? Come on people, now. WAKE!
We gettin' fucked.
Children are killing children.
Wars in the streets.
Separation, lack of freedom, as poverty and richness increase.
Dying, coward children of the brave and the free.
Paved over wilderness, from sea to whining sea.

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