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In my work I depict of a portrait, which felt cold and dark, illustrated with the use of dark shiny colour of black in the early sequences of the work. Then the work proceeds with the growth of hair of various colours of which very associative with the colours of nature. What I am trying to convey in this work is about a portrait of what I perceive in the contemporary urban culture, which is very luxurious in nature, but stiff and felt rather frozen solid. This is very far from the lush natural green panorama of nature, with its blue ocean, which supposedly is a very common image of my country, Indonesia. In the rush of the urban life which is more and more fulfilled by artificial aspects (information technology, city life, the lifestyle of the luxurious and the posh, I felt like I gained a desire, contemplating to simmer down, hence the sense of covering my body with naturally growing, “natural” hair, wild, spontaneous, alive, forming a union with the earth.

animation: Ivan Reyhan
Sound : freesounds.org (creative common)

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