The Precision of Stereolithography right on Your Desktop. The Form 1 marries high-end stereolithography (SL) technology and a seamless user experience at a price affordable to the professional designer, engineer and maker. An end-to-end package. Printer, software, and post-processing kit that just works. Right out of the box.

Form 1: Real SL Technology:
3D printed parts are only as good as the technology that made them. Stereolithography (SL) is the gold standard for 3D print resolution and surface finish. In this photopolymer-based process, a high precision system directs a laser across a tray of liquid resin and causes a thin layer to solidify. The build platform then rises in preparation for the next layer. After thousands of repetitions, your part is complete with exquisite detail.

Formlabs Resin. Specially formulated in-house to deliver the highest quality output, Form 1 resin delivers functional performance without sacrificing the finished look:
- Professional Finish. Surface finish rivals the quality of high end industrial printers.
- Ultra-Fine Details. Photopolymer resin allows for fine details with laser precision.
- Versatile Color. Matte gray color is great for look-and-feel models, standalone parts, or even as a base color for painting.

Form Software. Easily import your .STL files and make them real:
- Support Structures. Smart support structures ensure structural integrity during printing.
- Auto-Layout. Autolayout conveniently optimizes piece location prior to printing.
- Edit Tools. Rotation, scaling, and duplication tools give you precise control over your print jobs.

Form Finish Kit:
With any 3D printing process, there are key finishing steps to get the print into its final and ready-to-use form. Formlabs has designed the Form Finish kit - a finishing tray and accessories package to help keep your workspace clean and organized while quickly putting the finishing touches on your masterpiece.

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